Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

Hey you! Yes, YOU, my readers. Or should i say reader? Do you think you have so many readers? LOL

Yes, my READER, have you ever heard or seen any of this news on paper? Pics courtesy here

My heart and eyes suddenly knew this CAN NOT be happened again in the future. PLEASE people out there, YOU ARE NOT THIS CRUEL. This baby need love and care from us.

How come there are such person exist in this world? Even me, just looking at dead chicken could make my heart uneasy the whole day. HOW COULD YOU, people?

Even my 5 years old sister, can tell the abuse is wrong in such a way. HOW COULD YOU, babysitter?

Ahhh, my heart beats again. According to Malaysia's Social Welfare Department statistics, an average of 7 children were abused everyday in 2008.

These abuse should be stopped. PLEASE PEOPLE, READERS, we are educated. Please and please. I knew that YOU and I would never want to see these news to happen again. NEVER again.


Raise your hand. Say NO to CHILD ABUSE.

Some people need to wait about 10 years to have a kid of their own. Kids aren't something that you can buy on JUSCO, on TESCO, on shopping mall. Kids are gift from HIM.

"Now, if you think child abuse is wrong and you have something to say about it, you can do it on your blog right away. Along with speaking up against this act of cruelty, you stand the chance to be the owner of a brand new SONY Cybershot W190 too." (Nuffnang, 2010)

Of course you knew that child abuse is WRONG. It is common sense, unless you are someone that really really born with hard-shaped-heart. Come on, stand up and raise your hand to the keyboard, speak something on your blog, and pray to HIM together with me. EAT-PRAY-LOVE. Our CHILD need this. Please. Please and please.